Quality Assurance


  • Team 
    All of our translators translate into their native tongues and have extensive knowledge of the language they are translating from. The INFOLINGUA project managers carefully select those translators with the best working knowledge of the subject being translated. Our translators not only have many years of experience, but possess an indispensable technical background.
  • Confidentiality
    Confidentiality and data security have a high priority at INFOLINGUA. All our employees and freelancers sign a confidentiality agreement on the protection of business secrets.

  • Authentication and legalization of translations
    INFOLINGUA provides certified translations in most languages and for most countries. We will advise you, on what kind of authentication your documents need to be recognized abroad.

  • Project management
    INFOLINGUA provides adequate resources to manage also larger projects efficiently. The translation team is coordinated by competent project managers, resulting in high quality, timely deliveries and uniformity in the terminology used.

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